Pang Yuan (PhD course)

Again, the sakura season in time.

I just had a pleasant gathering with lab members in blossom and breeze; finished the latest submission; starting the design of new 3D scaffold for liver construct; fulfilled the collaboration with EPFL institute; had a memorable internship in Massachusetts General Hospital.

However, one and half year ago, I first came here as a completely freshman both in Tissue Engineering and Japanese language. It will always be my fortune to be in Sakai Lab – Learning from the distinguished, diligent and patient professor; always supported by warm-hearted and lovely lab members; having a lot of chances to cooperate with different labs and accumulating more research experiences.

If you are not sure about your expectation in research, let’s work together. You may clarify it here;

If you have your expectation in research, let’s work together. You may realize it here.

Ogata Yuka (Master course)

About research

As Sakai Lab locates in the institute of industrial and science of Tokyo University,it is quite convenient for us to get support from other labs. We have collaborations with labs not only in Bioengineering and Chemical system engineering Department, but also we do researches with people from Precision Engineering and Applied Chemistry Department.

About usual life

This is a pleasant lab full of smiles and concerns. Prof. Sakai, our boss always supports and encourages us from research topic to daily life. Additionally, there are many events in IIS through the year, like Hanami, BBQ, international gathering, and more of others...

I and all of my lovely lab members are looking forward to your participation in Sakai Lab's research topics.

Don't forget the next party of takoyaki, hot pot, Beijing waiting for you.


Engineering/Chemical System Engineering

Admission information (Entrance examination etc)

- Graduate School of Engineering
- Chemical System Engineering
- Bioengineering

Schedule of Sakai Lab

Seminal, Once a week

Annual events

AprilBeginning of the new semester
JuneOpen Campus in IIS
Middle term presentation(M2)
AugustSummer break
SeptemberEntrance examination, Conference,
Final presentation
(students who start from October)
OctoberBeginning of the new semester
December Year-end party, Winter break
FebruaryFinal presentation(students who start from April)
MarchConference, Welcome party, Farewell party

* Lab trip of two days and one night is held during Summer.


Visits and questions will be happy to support.

Open Campus is held in IIS in the first week of June every year. Welcome to visit our lab~! :D
Prospective PhD students please never be hesitant to contact with Prof. Sakai about the research topic!

Contact to Prof. Sakai

TEL: 03-5841-7751
E-mail: sakaiyasu[at]